Monday, January 10, 2011


start from yesterday..
all day are derive..
survey way to do audit(at batu caves)
go to izni hostel..
my sister, nusrah hostel..
then, learn way to cik da house..
all is drive..
i'm feel so tired..
practice makes perfect rite..?
what i had done..firstly,
wake up n take a bath,pray to Allah..
then send my sister to taska..
she was helping my aunt at her taska..

at the early morning..
otw send my sist to bandar saujana puta..
3 times i take a wrong way!
well, actually i'm forget which one the way i should take..
my sist also..
so..we are trying2..then success!

OMG.i arrived there about 8.00 a.m..
i must hurry...
so with doa n tawakal..
i reach my house at 8.30 a.m..
the, breakfast..
hurry to offices..
at 8.45 i arrived..
Thanks Allah save my journey..

At 10.00 a.m i must get ready to Batu Caves..
i hope everything goes well..
Please pray for me ok..

Love you all~
n i'm very appreciate if u can be my followers!


Anonymous said...

mmg agak penet skit bile drive ni....tmbah2 mcm yg first time nk insyaAllah kalo kte niat blaja utk memudahkn kkeje tu sumenye akan jd mudah...hehe

eiyla said...

thank you..=)

Anonymous said...

hai awk....lawa header blog awk? sape buat ni...hehe