Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bile keje melambak,mula la PENIM!!

Well, aku termalu sendiri..
Because of i received too many job rite now..
with the previous job pending + current job..
Mula la penimMm2 lalat..

Actually this is the story..
I give my manager to review my Job..
Actually she had returned to me..
Last Friday..
Then, with all "semangat berkobar2"
aku bwk balik umh keje2 aku tuh..
Covering with purple file..

Because of too busy day "mon+tues"
i'm forget of my jobs done!
So today i'm searching for that document whole day today!!
I'm announced at one office whether they see my document..
Nobody knows..

I found my document..
Do u know where it is..?
Very shy+funny too say here..
in my bag..
It still save..
covering with purple file..haha

Buat malu jeks..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

kna amik subjek len sem depan ni..hehe...strees management...hihi....xpe...jadikan masalah itu cabaran dan jadikan cabaran itu peluang untuk berjaya...i'm always with u~