Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DreaM Vs. WoRK

Haip My BeLoved  BLogger FreNz.
U aLL nOtised i always write in verY shoRT entry Rite NoW..
Actually i dOn't have enOugh time to "BloggiNg"
eVen i Miss sO muCh to........
hehe~ (-__-)

i Juz want tO share tO aLL shOrt entRy..

PauL  haNna said in his bOok , Just Do It!
"Successful people usually understand the pain"
They realized t was positive impact and is toOl to achieve suCcess.
They let the suffering into their lives, because they realized that if they managed to cope so their confidence will grow. From here, their ability to face future challenges!

So, u have to daRe be sick first, have fun later !!!

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