Sunday, August 21, 2011

Love Teaching & Skincare

After i back from seminar yesterday, i got a phone call from one of tution centre.
Actually i;m also a part time teachers.
i Start join this tuition centre since December 2010.
But only on call teachers.
Firstly, i just do it bacause i'm like to become a teacher one day.
But my mum told me to become lecturer.
Whatever it is i just wanna do a best in my life ;)

Actually my interest on teaching is math.
But luckily, they are more confidence with me and let me to teach Bm and science.
i taught standard 3,4,5 and 6.
Depends on which teacher i need to replace.

When i teach, i'm feel so happy and satisfied.
i don't know why, maybe because i give them something valuable.

Actually today i teach math gym,
this is for student that weak in math.
Actually this is 5th time i teach this class.
For me, this class not only weak in math but very naughty.
Most of them boy, so they quite noisy.
Today i know that i will teach this class, actually it's quite long time i'm not teach this class.
Then, today i'm quite worried to teach them,
but i'm pray to Allah that i hope they will understand what i teach.
and I hope they will not scream and too naughty today ;)

Then, like usual I start the class,
they quite naughty as usual..
but it's ok I'm able to control this class.
Then, after teach them, briefing some of tips to calculate today lesson, 
Then, let them do exercises.
I said to them i will take their marks and record on tuition book.
Surprise! the highest mark they get is 90% over 100.
Majority is 80% above.
I'm really happy for them.

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