Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Skincare Class with Junior

Haip Blogger ;D
I'm so happy today..
My Uitm Malaca junior student wanna know about Mary Kay product.
So, today i will sleep at her house and do skincare with them.

What i love most about Mary Kay?
Of course the product itself.
Now i use Set 1 botanical set.
it well balance my face.
The moisturizer is very special and creamy ;)

Did i need sell the product to them?
NO! when we do skincare class,they are using our product. They will know what is the best for them.
The product sell by itself actually ;D

So why i wanna meet them..?
I just wanna share with them the product. and its free ;)
Tell me, did anyone don't like when it's free??
heehe.. It's ok, no force my dear ;)

i just waNna share what i gained with others.
Sharing is Caring ;)

Open your heart and you will see the way ;D

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