Monday, September 5, 2011

Reunion Karismian Batch 6

Haip Blogger.
TenkiU sbb sudi lagi singgah bLog aku yg x seberapa nih.
Just waNna share my stOry of My Life here.

Since nak dkt raya hari tuhs.,
Me & my family went to "K.A.M.P.O.N.G" on 27 august 2011
Wah..Dahsyat gLe jem dier wehs..
BertoLak kuL 3pg.. aRound 5 petang baru sampai..
bUt aLhamdulillah..selamat sampai ke Kg ku..huhu..
ade la lebih kurang 14-15 jam atas keta..
maU pOnim kepaLa eden..
Nasib baik adeq laki akU cOoL jek drive..nGeh2x..
kteorang duk tdOw jek la..
tapi ade la skali skala akU memantau adeq aku xnk bg dia tdO..hehe..

then on 28 August 2011,
i was invited to attend reunion of Karismian Batch 6 at Raudhah Hotel.
here, i waNna thanks both of organiser of the event *twin brother*
Bad & pUdin

haha..untiL nOw i can't recOgnize which one is baD or dIn..

On that day 24 of ex karisma english explorer (kex) was attended.

Really miss my techer Madam marina & Capten Ariffin.
They still look yoUng & happy go Lucky..

hehe..i juSt *curi* gambar nih on fB..hehe..
sO happY altogether siNce we noT meet for 5 years..
Really2 miss all the meMory in tuition centre.huhu..

Even this gathering only a few hours it kept *sweEt moment* in my mind.

sO time gathering nih ade yg dah kawen actually..
siaP bawak baby & husbanD..
theN, ade yg dah bertuNang pOn..haha..
yg twIn brOther kat atas tu pOn dah bertUnang gak..
theN, meet one of friend who studY at yaMan..
We called him *pok tek*..
hehe..he was given shOrt speech On that day..

then, after berbuka, we soLat maghrib first then mkn..
after makan2, Capten was cOme to me 7 we had chit chat for a while..
sekali dia tnye *u ble nak kaweN..?haha..*
i said i wanna finish stUdy first, then work and go for married...hua5..

here, some picture that i received fRom mY friends.

here, all the guest that invited.
See u again in next event..hehe..
Miss all of u. =)

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