Sunday, January 29, 2012

Skincare Mary Kay

hehe..i think its almost 7months i work as part time Mary Kay..
Alhamdulillah with extra income that i gets i'm able to buy what i wish..
Thanks Mary Kay :D

After final exam i manage to do 3 booking class skincare with customer..
And alhamdulillah i think i'm clear & know what i want to achieved!
It's not only about money..
but i learn a lot..
it's about what we do..
Like Mary Kay said "Do unto other as you want others do unto you"
i got what i want now..
Really thankful to all my friends, family and who support me..

Recently, i manage to go Mary Kay office after 6 months i think i become "invisible"
It's not means i don't exist but most priority to my study..
and at the same time i able to make sales!! Great right?

Really appreciate what Mary Kay gives..
learn beauty tips,
beauty class..
beauty workshop..
leadership skills..
Mary Kay singapore conference..(2012 on comes again!!)
extra money.

Now.. year 2012..
i already plan my future dreams..
i hope it can be successfull.

Just wanna share here SCc with my customer at PJ33. Enjoy the picture ;D

Enough for now..

Mary Kay on Schedule..
(Malaysia Road Tour)

Beauty Workshop with Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

23/1 Hotel Dynasty,Kota Bharu (done!)
4/2 Juru, MK office Penang (not sure join or not)
5/2 Hotel  Coasta Melaka (i join!! :D)

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