Monday, February 6, 2012

The Beauty Of Mary Kay

Haip Sumer.
How're u today?
hehe..Okeh, semalam i was conduct an event Beauty WorkshOp with all Mary Kay Beauty Consultant,
Senior Bc, Future Sales Director , and Sales Director.
Waow! Very exciting had together with all beautiful guest!
Firstly, we're conducting skincare..
Then, do mary kay skincare with GuesT!
Really happening.

One of them (guest) is my junior from Uitm Bandaraya Melaka..
hehe..she is 23 years old.
and she had married with one daughther..
Click+ click
She look very matured than me..hehe..?
So i look younger rite?kih5..

On that daY..very lucky Coz our Sales Director turun padanG..
She also had married with 2 child.
Really look young!! (jeles ke?hehe..)
She advised me use Serum C Mary Kay to look good skin like her..
This is the most expensive product in Mary Kay..
Waow..i will..

Then, this event also conducted by kak lia n kak yanti which is Red Jacket University Mary Kay holder
or now as Future Sales Director and team builder ;D

Yg bawah skali tuhs..Senior BC..
kalau uols perasan ni guest we all masa kat hotel puri..
So klu ikut kan dier baru la kan?
But she quite rajin and know work partime as senior Beauty Consultant ;P

After skincare class, proceeds with make up.

Then, finalist of beauty Mary kay here:

They are ordinary person that do not know how basic make up.
Then, they learn and use Mary Kay product.
They try, get it and Love it!! What about you?
All the winner awarded with:
Lipstick Mary Kay RM48
Eyeliner RM35
Accesories Mary Kay Rm45
Foundation Mary Kay Rm70

All participant get souvenior Mary Kay such as eyeshadow colours, mineral powder and lipstick.
Thank to all Melaka people who join this Beauty Workshop.
See uols again ;D

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