Sunday, February 26, 2012

I will Miss uols!

Haip ;D
Hepi hari AhaD?
weLL, lately everythings happened so fast in my life..
Usually weekdays working..
Weekend part time Mary Kay.
I'm supposed went to JB today.
But i think it's better juz stay at hOme..
Have a REsT!

Now..happy in working place..
Alhamdulillah everything seeems fine to me..
At audit department, we divided into several group..
Luckily had enter Sist Moon group..
Many things learn from her..
Even though it for a short "period"..Really appreciate it!
Everyone have their own dream in life ;)
Just hope she will happy in new place and always success in whatever she do..;P

We had taken picture for memory ;D
My "Sporting Group"
SaRanghae !!

Rehan , Me & Zack! 

Ingat nak amik gambar skema!! tapi kompius la gambar ni..;D

Seyess.. nak GeLak tgOk gambar nih.. pandai sungguh bdak Zack ni berdrama..haha..
"Kak mUn ckp nak lempang jek tenGok Zack .."haaha..

My Group ;D
Very thankful with uols.
Even in very short perioD!
Kak Mun! u're great leader!!
Wish u hepi in whatever u do!!
You'll always in our minds..dada~!

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puYoq d'AnKaboot said...

Alamak... Lepas ni nak bayor tiket bulanan dkat spe plak??? Kaunter cityliner dkat blakang dh takde org jage...!! Heee.....!