Thursday, May 3, 2012

HeaRt Vs Hurt

Haip MornIm..
Wake early..& alhamdulillah..
Pray to Allah..
Praise that i'm still alive..
I still have my Family to love..

When we love someone..
we always got hurt..
it usually happens..

But if we love Allah..
We never be neglected..

But , never hate people who hurt you..

1) Because of them make u realize.. U're too strong to be hurt!
2) U're cRying a lot because you love them Most!!! (they're unlucky because lose you~!)
3) U're Great and others too jealous and wanNa hurt you always..

(hehe..ayat mCm oVer plak kat atas just cross on my mind & just write it..huahua..)

Special quotes:


Always make ur "HeaRt" full of Love..
and can "hUrT" you the mOst..

Love all in your Life..
Love tree..Love animals.Love things..
Love yourself before you love somebody.. (^_^)

LOve alwaYs start with TrUst..;)

Last but Not Least,

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