Saturday, May 12, 2012

wHy this haPPenEd..? Grrrr!!!

Haip Blogger..
CamaT PetaNg..
Kje still not less eventhough we work hard to accomplish it..
Feel like "Aaarrggghhh"
TekaNan tahaP kuasa 3..

(i Just imagined myself like this when i received three times amendment account today.. "what's the pokemOn?!!)

At this situation..
I only can be strOng.....
PraY is onLy the things what i can do.

At 4p.m. meeting Waja Welfare plak even ade bnYk kje bertimbuMm...

(Entri that saved should post on FridaY..Mood: Frustrated aGain..)

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