Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thank YOu My Love

Love letter to my LOve..Future husband to be..

Thank you for so many things.

I have missed much in life because I forgot what I like to do, where I like to be, what music I like or dislike, and so many other things almost like no opinion of my own.

I felt that I was someone else who was in this life for one purpose only: 
I forgot that I had a life to live, that I deserve happiness. 

I see in you the perfect companion, the man that I can share my innermost secrets with, sharing the intimacy of talking from the heart and it all came so easy with you, telling you my most inner feelings, passion, secrets I have so much passion for you for that. 

I feel that I have had so much love to give and that it has been bottled up inside me for so very long. No one has been able to open the bottle and see what was inside. You were the only one able to do that and see the love that flows from my heart and I admire you for that.

Thank you for loving me, Your affection is so important to me especially now.

Will love you and will admire you forever.

~Miss Dalila ~
MoOd: Hepi ;)
Tapi still blur +cuak + nerves..Ngeh2x


ctnuraini zulkefeli said...

yeay!!! akak bile nk kawen?? hehe...jgn lupe jmput aini taw... =)

Dalila said...

Next Year ;)

NoEn said...

hehe...sape nama someone tu?

puYoq d'AnKaboot said...

uishhh...!! Dkat dh nk jdi mem dah...
Next yer ke...? Owhh..Ingat nk tahun ni..

Dalila said...

kak Noen> haaha~ Biarlah Rahsia.. Doakan yg baik2 ye..hehe.. The wedding day will be held at Kelantan at my Grandma house ;)..

Dalila said...

puyOq d AnKaBOoT> Haha..I'm still not ready yet.. Kursus kaweN pon x g lagi wei.. Kalo ikut kan belah lelaki mmg la this year during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. I need to consider many things.. Lalalaa~