Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Count the Day.. ;P

Haip Cumer ;)
Well, times flies..
Actually, bnyK entri dah terlepaS..
and i don't think so i had enough time to update every sinGle things happens in life.

The latest entry i want to update is about my best frens wedding..
Isfa & Azfar..
So sweet both of you.
Thanks for everything that u always do for me.
Hope they will be happy ever after..
The wedding held at LaNgkawi.
aNd i went there aloNe..only for my dearest frens ;)
(otw to Isfa weddiNg ;))

aFter one week after that, i went to Kelantan for arrange many things..
"Survey wedding dress"
Find "tok Imam" for Borang Nikah and many things..
Luckily my cousin want to accompany me..
Many things move fast in my life..
and i think i can't even breath..huk5..
Back from Kelantan i was sick because of "ulcer"
Really..i can't work + not really focus on what i do..
i had bad "ulcer" which 3ulcer at my cheek my mouth..
seriously mOod on this week so bad..

Then, i decided to join my family and sist went holiday to cameron highlands..
That is on weekend but i took replacement leaves that i got from "MPK leave"
so on Friday we went to Cameron.
Seriously, that is my first time.
Really excited, and fall in Love with that place.
We stayed at Equatarial Hotel which is so nearest to "Tanah Rata"
that is famous place for "shopping"..
and for sure~! I'm like a teenagers so excited buy anythings i like..
haha.."i know my brother in law say somethings like i'm childish what so ever.."
haha.."dLm hati ade TamaN siLap..dlm hati ade strawberi Manis..."

(sempat akU snap gNe hp ;)..Love cameron hiGLands)

Then, on this week i also goT offer work from Uitm..
Actually I kow that i will start at Uitm at early June, but no information that i'm successful candidates..
So i just let times plan my life..
And suddenLy,i got message last week on thursday from other candidates that me is one of selected candidates that successful and need to register on 11 June 2012..
Since i think i don't got any offer letter, so i just wait for that..
and again..Uitm Johor call me and ask me when i will register there,
so i make decision to register on 18 June 1987 since i things many work not yet done,
Besides, I'm not sent any resignation notice and etc..

Many things in 2012 happens so fast~!
One of them is my wishlist for year 2012.
I can say it as my dreams comes true.

Have my own Car
Married > will coming soon..

Actually i had many ambition since i was child..
Then, one of that actually i got..
Thanks to Allah..

The best things in my life for this year is when I got :
1st interview as lecturer at Uitm
(I was afraid actually, coz all candidates were master background)
2nd interview as lecture at Uitm
(I really happy + excited when i knew it)
Got offer from Uitm
The happiest thing happen..
aNd the day that i will register on Uitm JB are > on my bestday.
which on Monday 18 June 2012..

It's happen and i appreciate it.
"When you want something, ask for it, and work for it"
Nothing is impossibble coz life is miracles. ~Miss Dalila~

(Ni gamBar akU sje amik nGan hP masa 1st interview..)haha..

(ni gMbr masa 2nd interview..sempat je Candid dLm keta) wawa..


Syakir Razik said...

gud luck kak.. jadilah pendidik yg berdedikasi.. :)

ameerah said...

ila~hows ur life???bile khwen??congrat2

Anonymous said...

jalan mesti pandang ke depan...teruskan...gudluck!!

Dalila said...

syakir> thanks for Your suPport.. syakir pun jd akaUntan Yg baik ye ;)

ameerah> hehe..aku nikah raya kedua..kenduri raya ketiga. ble nak gathering? kuar sama2? sebeLom aku jD "Mem" ?haha..

ameerah said...

hahahahha~boleee je nk kuar..t papehal msjj je aku bile ko free..ko ade no aku x??/

Dalila said...

ameerah> aku rasa mcm baru leh x?

Anonymous said...

lame x nak tggu result after 2nd intrview?