Friday, June 22, 2012

LectUrer Miss Dalila :)

Haip uols..
CamaT petanG..
Now i"m aLone at office.
Actually nak wat quiz utk student ;)
So juz take a little time to post entri..
Hari ni genaP 5 hari.. bersamaan 1 week akU menGajaR as "lecturer"

KadaNg2 nak tergeLak bLe terIngat beberapa hari yG lepas..
Even first day..first time here...
I can "feeL" the chemistry between me N "dunia mengajaR"
Maybe it's my interest..
So i'm nOt even feel tired or saD..
eVen I'm aLone here..

kLu nak cte hari pertamA..
g mkn sorang2..yuhuu~!
xtau nk g bli bRg katne..
xtaU nk start dGn ape..
but i put an effort..
Bring all notes that i already learN..
Search internet..
Meet senior lecturer..Greet them..
Be friends with all of them..
pak gUard, tukang sapU, student, it system, admin staff, driver uitm..
all will help me in other time ;)

Setakat ni student i sumer baik2 je..
Nothing had problem at all..
Cume biase la, dey all xnk wat class on Friday sbb nak balik n whatsoever..

As lecturer,
I just wanna see them success in whatever they do..
I hope that they will learn something positive from me, at least one..
Insyaallah, i will teach them with all effort + all knowledge i had.
Hope that they will success in all my papers.

As lecturer, i think we should not bosses them.,
but we must guide xde la smpi "spOon feed" jek..
hOpe they will understand it.

That all for today entries ;)
~Miss Dalila (alone iN office on Friday :: 06.15 p.m.)


Anonymous said...

from your entry... i can feel you are the best lecturer have i seen before... gud luck in your feild... n the most important thing.. u not lonely taw... i always with u...

NoEn said...

All the best matter what if we do what ever we love,kita xkan rasa penat...but we enjoy <3

Islah nafsah..Ud'u ghairak said...

comel lah lecturer ila nih..semoga berjaya di alam mengajar and rumah tangga yg dah tak lame je lg tuh..huhu..semoga dipermudahkan..

Dalila said...

Mr A> ThaNks for ur suPport ;D
NoeN>Thanks, i Love mY jOb ;P
islah> i mmg comeL kan/haha.. xla guraU je, orite je, doakan Yg terbaik utk saya ye ;) Miss our friends, haha..Counting times to be "Mem"..ahaks!