Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My New LiFe Begin

I just want to make a short entry here. haha..
I married~!!

sO, Miss dalila is nOw Madam Dalila..

Firstly, i would like to thanks to my family..
especially my Mom & Dad.
Love them verY much for everYthing that they did for me.
Only Allah knows and pay their sacrifice on what that they dO for me.

Thanks to all family members that always help + support me in what ever i do.
Thanks to my friends and husband friends that always help us.

Lastly, of course to my husBand..
wHy Last? haha..
Because u"re mY first Love and my Last Husband..hehe..
Hope that we will Love each other until JannaH..;D

ShaRing to you my  solemnization ceremony

My wedding daY :D

granDma house

 with my cOusin & sister ;)

friends that help a lots during that day ;)

The End ~


puYoq d'AnKaboot said...

Semoga hidup anda disulami kberkatan dan kbahagiaan bersama suami terchinta..tak lupe juga insyaAllah dikurniakan anak2 yg soleh dan solehah..Amin...! :)

Dalila said...

Hehe.. Thanks FairOL. Hope u will met yours soon. ;D.. jGn tgu lama2 klU da suke tu.

Pray to Allah then Allah will show the way.

Wish you happy tOo in audiT world!