Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Unforgettable Memory

Hi Blogger.
Since work at education area, i don't have enough time to write entry at my blog.
Eventhough i had whole my weekend..
yuhuu~! Haha.. Really?

After married, i travel a lot,
On weekends i always travel to Shah Alam, Bangi, anywhere.
Of course, to meet my beloved one. hahaha..

Sometimes, I quite tired & bored travel 6 hour if I'm riding a bus.
Depends, sometimes I drive to Shah Alam.. then,about 3 hours I had arrived.. haha..:D
But my husband quite worry, so i just use public facilities.huhu..

One week before study week, as usual held dinner night and pre- graduation night for students in final semester year. In UITM JB,Larkin the event was held at Dewan LC Bankuet Sangkar Kristal,JB.
On my way to that event, I was stranded until Singapore, so we arrived 1 hour late. Ahaks~! That was an unforgettable experience.

Here a few pictures taken on that event.

 Safely arrived after 1 hour stranded until Singapore. Oh Gosh~!

Attend with My Beloved One.
With one of best student in my Class.

Special Performance from final year student from Faculty accountancy ;D

With my student course auditing.

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