Monday, December 10, 2012

Everything neW tO me.

Hai blogger...
Yuhuu..dapat gak akU bukak bLog akU nih..
Well, so many things happen in my life..
Sampai x sedar saBtu & ahad..
Well, after  i decided to change my profession..
Juz for a while.. (as requirement to be lecturer so tough now..)
So, i accept what happened in my life now..
It happened so fast and i felt like can't breath..
Workdays until saturday..
Only leave on Sunday.
But I'm really appreciate what happened in my life.
What i pray, what i always said in my pray..
i think it all happened smoothly.
Sometimes, I'm quite blur when it comes to decision that I need to do,
Sometimes I'm afraid..
But if we believe with Allah,
Then.. it comes until we don't realize it..
It's all what we ask for..
How amazing when I think again..

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