Friday, August 19, 2011

Baru balik Dr Seminar

Aip Blogger!
What r u doing today?
Whatever it is i hope today is the great daY!

Today Seminar Mary Kay.
VerY enthusiastic..!!!

Today i Got My Gold Pin!

So ExciteD!!

Meet New friends ;D
ShaRe their sucCess!

Improve my make up skills today.
So happy..;D

I'm also able to collect 7 star today!
Happy sGt2..hahaha..
Hope to get more star in tomorrow seminar.hehe..

My seminar today fully in English..
Conduct by 3 person..
Mostly people who attend this seminar is 1 Malaysia..
have malay, chinese n indian

I didn't get much opportunity to take picture today.

New friends that i mostly remember today are

1) Brenda
2) Lenny
3) Noraini
4) wawa
5) Lina

So tonite, i'm really tired so just terawih at home ;)

Motivation for today:

"Carilah duniamu seolah-olah engkau akan hidup selama-lamanya.
Dan carilah akhiratmu seolah-olah engkau akan mati besok pagi"
(Hadis Riwayat Ibnu Asahin)

That's all for today, i got assignment to do.

Next time i will write entri about to do Projek 30 faces Mary Kay.

I need to conduct this class with my own.

Ade x org nak volunteer agak2..?hehe..

So now i'm searching for 30 faces to be completed.

So, who like to learn about basic make up can contact me at the number at my blog.

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