Friday, August 5, 2011

Haip Blogger
Salam ramadHan..
hehe..Juz waNna write something here..
I'm so sad these 2 days..
woRrying about my nextsem..
thinking about where place to stay..huwaa..
koLej nYe xtaw camne..
umah seWa yg ntah ape2..adoi..
i juz thinking about these until cannot sleep..
Actually it is not big problem.
Juz serabut jek kat otak nih..huwa...
Finally i decided..
i will go to malacca this monday mOrnim'..
With my bestie frenz..
via transnasional bus
Hope to get find a suitable place soon..
and try to apply  reservation for college..
Please pray for me..

ok..i see u when i see u..dada~

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