Monday, August 15, 2011

Mary Kay Make Up Class

Haip Blogger! Mornim to all ;D
Today 15 day of fasting..waH..The time flies sO fast..hehe..

Semalam time terawih bulan sGt cantik..
Mmg cantik la kalau amik gambar..tapi x bawak hp plak..hehee..
Alhamdulillah, dapat sempurnakan puasa dgn baik.
Diberi kesihatan yang baik. pastu duk umah jek ramadhan nie.
Rehat jek sebelum the class begin on 12 September 2011..hahaa..
Xsabar nak masuk uitm nih..kuang3x..
bukan la x sabar sebenarnye..
Juz waNna end this semestar quickly..hoho..
Hope to get this final semestar result with flying colours..chaYok2! fiGhting! Fighting!

Well, yesterday i had make up class with Mary Kay.
Wah2x..semakin majU skunk..
Actually, firstly join this saje jek suka suki..
Then, i'm become interested with their product...
So, i just decide to only buy the product.
Actually aku ni bukan yg jenis suka make up pon..
Just pakai a simple compact powder and lip ice.That's all.
Since lately i read many skincare class was held with a expensive price..
Such as basic make up class Rm200 per session.
itu dah kira ok la kan..
So i think why not i join the mary kay?
I can buy the product, learn skin care and basic make up..FREE!
So, if my friend interested with this product i can share with them ;)
And also do as part time incOme.huahua..

Actually, its depend on our interest.
If you like something, but don't have ability..duN woRry..u can learn and success!
But if u don't interested with what you do, nuthin much to say..
what ever you do, u'll never satisfied and maybe regret someday..maYbe ;P.huahua..

So, yesterday we learn to make up ourself step by step.
Guide by Kak Mel as a director of Mary Kay.
She is in our team "pink beez' previously.
But now, since Kak Nurin dah naik pangkat..So we change our leader.
Now i'm in "Pink Daisy" team..
Whatever it is, i just happy with what i'm doing rite nOw..

Now, i just wanna share the photo here ;D.
Sempat lagi akU meng"edit" gambar pas abes terawih semalam..hik5..
Jom Usha sat..hahhaa..

Aku suke make up Mary Kay ni coz all the product is safe!
Then, when apply to my face it is very soft to skin..
For ur information, klu anak2 u all termakan liptick die pon x jadi masalah sbb mengandungi bahan botani, so biar jek anak2 u all makan..hahaa..
xla, aku wat lawak jek =D nGeh2~!

Okey dalam gambar diatas ni cmne leh jadik cam tu nak taw..?
Firstly of course la aku pakai set Botanical 1 MK.
(Cleanser,Freshner and Moisturizer)
Then, apply foundation based on skin type..
For my skin ivory 5 for foundation,
Mineral foundation ivory 2,
Then using the brush Mk blend it together.
Next wearing eyeshadow with golden olive and hazelnut,
Apply liquid eyeliner black with lash love mascara black.
Lastly brow with brunet colour.
So this is the result.hehe ;P

*Sebelum aku end this entri, seyes la nak cakap..
Majority all girl and women outside there ramai lagi yg xtaw nak apply this basic make up.
Bukan xtaw ape, i mean the flow of make up, the right way to apply those kind of make up.
So semalam ramai gak yg mengaku..kuang3x.. klu dah taw tuh kawen ni make up sendiri pun bleh ape..hehe.. The tutor yesterday said; "Kalau hari2 u apply, u dah x yah amik make up artist yg ribu2 tu klu nak kawen nanti".."dey all pun gne kaedah yg sama mcm kteorg blaja.."
Cumer ni baru my first conclusion, to experience more, learn more.
Then,  practice make perfect!

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