Thursday, August 11, 2011

MarY Kay Scc

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Suke ati nye nak sambuNg pasal skin care class (scc) yg sempat wat hr tu.
heehee.this is my first time do make up + skin care class.
Actually i'm just helper to both senior beauty consultant.
x layak lagi to become beauty consultant.
i'm still in training class.huahua..

So hari tu dgn jayanye wat skin care class at my house with 11 people.
Really thanks and appreciate them ;)
Thanks a a lot to Sist Nurul and our beauty consultant Noreena Ishak.
Seriously, i'm really enjOy doing this class.

Some people that i "snap" before and after class.

Before class

After class.

Actually, this is skin care class.
They learn how to choose the complete set of botanical product according to their skin.
But, we also teach basic make up.
Just make the class more happenings :P

I'm not sure who's taken this picture, i just see in camera and just wanna share here..hehe..

Also thanks to guest from akak nurul that wiling to attend my scc.

Also thanks a lot to all my aunty friend that wiling to attend my mk scc.

after end our class at 2p.m.
we went to ampang kl to join the unit gathering..
(gle penat seyh..hehe..)
tapi berbaloi sbb hepi and enjoyable class..

Sesampainye at ampang..excited with this pink car...
haha..snap2 jap..kuang3x..
xde orang okeh time wat bangang2 sket..hik5..

abes solat jek trus g kl..muke sendiri pun xsempat nak touch up..
hehe.. Sampai2 jek trus have a meeting Pink beeZ..
Sedih plak..akak ni dah kena tukar unit baru..huhu..
Kak Mel, thanks a lot for share many things with me..hehe..

Semapt candid2 gambar akak nurul with kak mel..

That's all..dah kekeringan idea..haha..

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