Thursday, August 11, 2011

My PlaNner Marry kay

Selamat Petang CumEr!

Just waNna write here my planning for this months..huhu..

After my first class skin care, next class :

Sunday : PJ (9.00am.-1p.m) -advance make up class
(14/8/2011) PJ (2.00pm.-5p.m)- unit pInk daisY gathering

Friday/ Saturday : : PJ (9.00a.m-5p.m.) Esrs Training
(19& 20/8/2011) ~and qualified Bc with certificate! yahOo~!

Friday/Saturday : Berjaya Times Square (Seminar & awards)
(16/17 September 2011)

i'm really happy doing this rite now..
jUst waNna share this feeLing..
and live in this real life!

I will try the best and Allah will do the Rest ;)

Some motivation here is

"Life always give us second chance that we called Tomorrow..
and then third chance and then fourth..
We have our entire life to avail the chances than what is the fear for?"~Adam

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