Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love To sTaY aT hOme ;P

Haip tO my beloved bLogger.
toDay i'm quite late wake up actually..
what a lazy girL..ngehx..
sUrpisely, my future brother in law come to breakfast early at 8 a.m at my hoUse..
Patut la akak akU quite diligent today with early breakfast mee hun..
Ni la contoh isteri yg baik.. ;P

what ever it is..
i"m quite haPpy to be in the house..
mY mind was free froM anY problem at all.
Just lazy laying in front tv watching cartoon with my cousin..hehe..

Actually i will drive my mom car to malacca today..
it's  not easy to get her permission actually..but just convince her to have confident with me..
 well, i wanNa go early in mornim.
but i had done several things..
then i will travel after zohor..
i hope it's not raining today..
even thOugh i think it will rain just a few minute..
the sky quite dark nOw actually..

ok..i just waNna packed my things..
So just positive thinking to all of you..
Hope to see miracle in my life..
hehe.. 6 months to gO!

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