Sunday, September 18, 2011

EnJoy The Nights Mary kay :)

Haip u all..
Here is just a little bit picture taken by me..
so i just waNna share the happiness that i receive on that night with Mary Kay Bc.
Some a nice picture in Kak Nurul camera..
I'm the woman photographer..nGeh2x..
But it's some piece here in my camera..
So Just put what i have here..huhu..

The Red theme of Pink Daisy theme ;)

The stage for the awarrd & achievement ;)

It's quite funny when our General Manager..'which is handsome man & surprisely..
out as..??


Then, turn out as at Lady Gaga??
Man Gege..

Oh mY GOd!

seYesly Lawak..

skali siLap da..


As a sInger..
He sing a song Bruno mars- Marry yOu..
hehe... Really love this performance ;)

StaY cOoL & look youNger seyh..
sIap leh dance at the stage..
siap lompat2 lagi..
sPorting nye lah GM nih..huhu..
Thanks for ur performance just wanna see we happy..
Really cOoL..
AnybOdy waNna sOng this sonG to me? hehe..;) eyes quite sLeepy..
it's quite late nite nOw!
gOt to sLeep nOw..
Hope to dreams nice..hehe..

See u agaIn mY entri ;)

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