Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Test is ComInG..StudYing (sTudy+DyinG)

This weEk full of PresentatioN..
Hari2 preSent..Gossh..sO tireD ma..
next week is Test..
I'm quite LazY rite nOw..

But i nEed tO chanGe it befoRe it can spRead..hahaha..

FinancE..Audit..SM..aCCounting stUdy..Management AccoUnt..
tOinn.. tOinn..!!!

Tadi akU g one of audit firm at malacca..
Halim AA companY..
Juzt make an appointment to do interview..
but, it's quite saD becaUse that clerk like doesn't care abOut us!
weLL.. stUdent kan..
Org x Nak LayaN..
it's seems like we can't do intervieW with the partner..
jUz wait & seee...hehe..;P


puYoq d'AnKaboot said...

Wep, jual la sikit name WAJA.. BAru partner tu aware sikit dkat ko... Hahah! Diorg knal tuh...

Dalila said...

masalah nYe nak juMper partnEr cOmpany tuh pun payah..kalaU dah jumpe lain cte maa...Ngeh3x...