Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LasT tRaVeL

It's quite sad when we live far away with our beloved one.
Since I had got married with eN hakiMi (mY hubbY)
 We had to traveL a lot..
Jb to Shah Alam.


Shah Alam to Jb.
For first time, it's quite ok.
But lately, for financial wise I think more about my family.
So, i make a decision to resign from my job here as lecturer and find another job at Selangor.

Here some my pictures with my beloved husband.
Camni lah bile berjauhan.. he always travel to see his beloved one :P.
( tp suke bile dpt bantal love tuh..hahaha.)

My husbaNd with "love pillow" to his beloved wife.

BaskiN Robbin frOm "my Love"

Alhamdulillah.. on 20 of October i went for an interview for job,
Luckily, the manager offer job to me on that day..
Wow, such a big surprise after easily got job on that day..!!

Guess what?  It is happy day since it is also enough 2 month we had married.
Praise to Allah for all i had in my life.

Lunch treat by him.

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